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We love authors, so much that we gave you your own portal. Author submissions are the lifeblood of any successful publisher, and we didn’t want to bury information on how to submit to us at the bottom of the main site. But you do kinda have to scroll down a bit to see our Submission Guidelines, because of all this techie HTML stuff.

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We’re looking for our next great read, something we call Books to Live In. You’ve got one of them on your shelf, right now. The book with the cracked spine and worn pages, the one you’ve read so often you can recite some of it.

Do you have a story so good and so gripping that, someday, you can see it on somebody’s shelf, its spine cracked and illegible? If so, we want to see it.

Submission Guidelines

We publish genre fiction. We’ll look at any good tale, but what we want to see the most revolves around three genres:

  • Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Romance

We’re looking for polished, edited, and properly formatted manuscripts in the above genres.

A note on formatting: it isn’t arbitrary. Proper formatting indicates that you are a professional who takes his/her craft seriously. For more detailed guidelines, please see this article on WritersDigest.com, What Are the Guidelines for Formatting a Manuscript?.

Yes, we know that’s boring. But sometimes, you just have to stick with the industry standard. Please don’t send us manuscripts that are formatted to be e-book or print ready. Send us the original manuscript in standard format.

With regard to length, we’re not looking for novellas (shorter than 70,000 words) or tomes big enough to serve as door-stoppers ( > 125,000 words, give or take, depending on genre). It depends on the genre. If you’re unsure about appropriate lengths for your novel, please see this excellent article on WritersDigest.com, Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books: The Definitive Post.

At this time, we’re not interested in:

  • Children’s or YA stories
  • Poetry
  • Erotica or mature adult titles
  • Previously published works (Whether you published through another company or you self-published your book, please do not submit to us.).
  • Anthologies

Please note! We do not accept submissions via email, snail mail, fax, carrier-pigeon or bicycle messenger. We ONLY accept submissions via this portal, by clicking on the Submit Here! button in the upper right hand corner of any page.

We welcome unagented manuscripts. However, our submission evaluators will prioritize agented manuscripts.

Note: we don’t welcome simultaneous submissions. If you have submitted to another publisher, or are shopping for an agent, please wait until you’ve heard from all of them before submitting to us. We won’t negotiate with an author who attempts to use our interest in their book as leverage for getting an agent, or as a bargaining chip with another publisher.

We’ll be adding content and resources to help our authors to this portal regularly. In the meantime, do you have a book to live in? Submit here