You want to write books to live in. Books with a captivating story and memorable characters, books we can’t put down, books that stick with us long after we’ve read the last word. Books that make us hope and pray that the author has more because we just can’t get enough.  We’ve come across our […]

As a writer, you’ve probably attended your fair share of writer’s workshops and belong to at least one, if not several critique groups. And that’s great. You should be a part of the writer’s community.  But workshops haven’t always been a dime a dozen and not every culture believes that you can learn how to […]

Consider the following scenario. You’ve rewritten and revised and polished your manuscript until it shines like a sparkly diamond. Your critique group has scrutinized every chapter, commented on every character and subplot. Even the crusty dude who never offers his own writing for critique loves your story You’ve researched your target publishers/agents/editors and carefully crafted […]

Are you considering submitting your manuscript to us? Terrific! We can’t wait to see it. But first, there are a few things we’d like you to do to it. 1. Put your manuscript away. Yup. Stick it in a drawer. Move it off your desktop. Put your folder of notes someplace else. Don’t look at […]

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